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4 Environmental Benefits Of A Vegetarian / Vegan Diet

Environmental Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

Thanks to a growing awareness of the health benefits that accrue from a plant-based diet, we are witnessing a surge in the popularity of veganism across Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, and Greater Toronto Area.  Going beyond the idea of munching upon healthy options such as a veggie burger or a veggie pizza, the creed of veganism must also be seen in the light of its contribution to a better world and environment – lesser number of animals killed for food and a less polluted environment.

You’ll be able to connect the dots when you see that slightly more than half the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are the handiwork of the animal agriculture sector.  It’s no wonder then, that scientists are urging people to consume less of animal-based foods such as dairy and meat. By eliminating animal-derived foods in your diet, you can immediately halve your carbon footprint!

But before you rush out to the nearest Veggie Planet Vegetarian Restaurant in Mississauga, Brampton or Vaughan and indulge your taste buds with Indian street food and down a couple of Indian drinks, let’s take a guided tour of the world of good that going vegan does to Mother Earth:


Vegetarian / Vegan Means Less Waste

If the world goes vegan, farmers will be raising crops for human consumption rather than for feeding animals. Yes, you read it right, today more food is grown to feed the livestock that is slaughtered for dinner tables in homes and restaurants. Millions of tons of grain and other fodder is being channeled to factory farms to fatten the poultry and livestock that are being raised for the slaughterhouses. Going vegan would mean that human beings have enough food without having to share it with livestock that will ultimately be killed. The next time you order Kaawa nuggets and Kaawa drumstick, remember, you’re actually saving food for the planet!


Vegan means Less Land Usage

Did you know that in Latin America, more than 70% of deforestation is attributed to raising livestock? Even more alarming is the fact that animal farming has led to irreversible degradation of close to one-fifth of the world’s grazing lands. A plant-based diet invariably means a drastic reduction in the land requirements for raising food for livestock. This, in turn, means that we have access to more land resources that can be put to better use. 


Vegan Means Less Water Usage

With every passing day, freshwater is becoming a scarce resource. In such a scenario, freshwater must be utilized with maturity. Especially since large quantities of water go into quenching the thirst of livestock destined to end up on dining tables. Incidentally, considering the amount of water that livestock consumes in their lifetime, the quantity of water that ultimately goes into the production of a regular beef burger is supposed to be at least ten times more than the quantity required to dish up a soy burger of similar proportions. It has been estimated that around 1000 liters of water are required to produce a kilogram of wheat, the production of a similar quantity of beef would need around of 100,000 liters of water! Now you know where all the water is getting lost whenever someone is digging into a beef burger…Keep this in mind when you get the urge for a quick bite and order the Planet Special Poutine at Veggie Planet.


Vegan Means Less Pollution

The major impact of going vegan or vegetarian will be visible on global warming. As far back as 2006 itself, the United Nations had pointed out in a report that comparatively more greenhouse gases are generated by livestock raised for food than all the motor vehicle emissions combined. Going further, manure produced as a byproduct of the livestock industry generates as much as 65% of nitrous oxide with a 300 percent greater warming potential than carbon dioxide.

Animal farming is synonymous with large-scale pollution. Animal farms typically dig up large slurry pits for gathering the animal wastes and feces, which ultimately seep into the ground and contaminate the groundwater. Being herbivores and grass-consumers, livestock is also acknowledged as the single largest group of methane-emitters contributing to global warming. When you go vegan, you are automatically contributing less pollution to the world.


In Conclusion

The primary intention that drives veganism is about causing as little harm and pain as is humanly possible. Since it would be impossible to eliminate harm and pain totally, veganism provides us an opportunity to follow an ethical lifestyle to the extent possible, and in the process leave our planet a better place for our children and future generations.

Fortunately for those who are fascinated by the concept of veganism and wish to enjoy its benefits, there are a variety of vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, and Greater Toronto Area, with some of them specializing in Indian dishes.

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