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The terms ‘we’ or ‘our’ makes reference to Veggie Planet.
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If an order is not made or it has been place at a later date, we will allow changes.

Please contact us immediately to make any changes.

We reserve the right to cancel an order without providing reason but may be due to unavailability or an error in the pricing with our products.

We will always inform you of any changes to your order and provide a refund if an order is cancelled by us.

We will not be held liable for any damages by exercising this right.

If you wish to cancel you order, please notify us immediately.

Order cancellation is at our sole discretion.

If you believe your order was not as advertised, please contact us and we will help resolve the issue.

If your food has not be made yet, we will generally allow you to cancel and provide a refund.

Once your order is made, you will no longer be able to cancel your order.

Refunds may be issued at our discretion and can be either partial or whole depending on the circumstance. Refunds will not be given for making the wrong order or choice. If a refund is issued, we will do it via the method you made payment. If payment is made via credit-card or EFPTOS, refunds can take up to 2 weeks to process but will generally take 3-5 business days.

We accept Credit Card, Debit Card and Cash. We would prefer if payment less then 10$ can be made in cash. Our prices doesn’t include tax. Our tax rate is 13%.

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We take food allergies seriously and it is customer’s responsibility to let us know in advance if they are allergic to anything before placing an order.

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