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Best Vada Pav To Try in Toronto! – A Must Try

best vada pav to try in toronto

Vada pav, which is also sometimes spelled as Wada pao, is one of the most famous Indian fast food dish. This dish originated in the state of Maharashtra in India. Vada pav contains a deep-fried potato dumpling that is beautifully placed inside a freshly baked bun. The bread bun is referred to as Pav. This popular vegetarian dish is served with delicious sauces, green chili, and chutneys. In earlier days, it used to be served as an affordable and mouth-watering street food, but now, many famous and famous Indian restaurants serve it worldwide. Vada pav is also sometimes called Bombay vada pav or Bombay burger since it is the favorite snack in Mumbai. Are you looking for the best vada pav to try in Toronto?

If you live in or nearby Toronto and are craving vada pav, this article is for you. Because we are going to share with you the restaurants where you can enjoy the best vada pav in Toronto. So, let’s begin!

Veggie Planet:

Veggie Planet is a famous Indian Restaurant located in Greater Toronto Area. You can find an amazing variety of finger-licking fusion Indian street food and beverages on their menu.
As their name suggests, they serve pure vegetarian food, including veggie naanza, veggie burgers, Indian-style veggie pizza, pav bhaji, and one of their most running and popular snacks, called vada pav.
Vada pav is one of the main specialties of Veggie Planet. So, if you are craving it, just visit Veggie Planet and fulfill all your vada pav cravings by eating their mouth-watering and delicious vada pav that they serve with their unique and famous sauces. Veggie Planet is the place for tastiest Indian fusion food in town.

Mumbai Tadka:

Mumbai Tadka is one of the best Indian restaurants in Toronto that serves authentic Indian food to the customers, keeping good hygiene, quality, standards, and deliciousness as their priority. They offer a variety of options on their menu. With the 5-star ratings and excellent customer reviews about vada pav and pav bhaji, Mumbai tadka stands out as one of the best places to try vada pav in Toronto. They also offer takeout and delivery at your doorstep.

Mumbai Express:

What comes to your mind when you think about the best vada pav? Good taste, a perfect blend of spices, some mouth-watering chutneys, hygienic preparation, freshly baked buns, and potato dumpling that is crispy enough. Is that so? Well, try vada pav at Mumbai express. With its 4-star ratings and good customer reviews, Mumbai Express is known as one of the best places to try out Indian cuisine in Toronto.


In addition to these 3 popular Indian restaurants in Toronto, there are many more places that you may try out to get the vada pav of your choice. However, if you ask for the best recommendations, go for Veggie Planet! Veggie Planet offers you the best of everything, including the taste, price, quality, services, and ambience. You may visit their website to learn more about their restaurant and to order your food for delivery.