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Best Veggie Pizza in Town

Best Veggie Pizza

Veggie Planet is a well-known eatery that serves delicious vegetarian and vegan food in Mississauga, Vaughan and Ajax. One of their most popular menu items is their Veggie Pizza, which is made with fresh and flavourful ingredients that are sure to satisfy any pizza lover’s cravings.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Veggie Planet’s Veggie Pizza so special.

The Crust

The foundation of any good pizza is the crust, and Veggie Planet’s crust is truly outstanding. It’s made with organic whole wheat flour, which gives it a nutty and slightly sweet flavour, as well as a nice chewy texture. The crust is also slightly thick, which means it can hold up to the weight of all the delicious toppings without becoming soggy or falling apart.

The Sauce

The sauce on Veggie Planet’s Veggie Pizza is a simple but flavourful tomato sauce. It’s made with San Marzano tomatoes, which are known for their sweetness and low acidity, as well as a blend of herbs and spices that give it a delicious Italian flavour. The sauce is spread generously over the crust, providing a nice base for all the toppings to come.

The Toppings What really sets Veggie Planet’s Veggie Pizza apart from other pizzas is the toppings. They use only the freshest and most flavourful ingredients, many of which are sourced locally. Here are some of the toppings you can expect to find on this pizza:

  1. Roasted Vegetables: The pizza is topped with an array of roasted vegetables such as peppers, onions, and zucchini. The vegetables are roasted to perfection, bringing out their natural sweetness and adding a nice smoky flavour to the pizza.
  2. Fresh Herbs: To add even more flavour, the pizza is sprinkled with fresh herbs such as basil and oregano. These herbs not only add a pop of colour to the pizza but also give it a fresh and herbaceous flavour.
  3. Cheese: Of course, no pizza would be complete without cheese. Veggie Planet uses a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, which gives the pizza a nice cheesy flavour and a gooey texture.
  4. Olives: To add a little bit of saltiness and brininess to the pizza, Veggie Planet tops it with a few Kalamata olives. The olives add a nice depth of flavour and balance out the sweetness of the roasted vegetables.

The Presentation

Not only is Veggie Planet’s Veggie Pizza delicious, but it’s also beautiful to look at. The pizza is baked in a circular shape and cut into eight equal slices. The colourful roasted vegetables and fresh herbs are arranged in a visually appealing way, making the pizza look like a work of art. It’s served on a white plate, which makes the colours of the vegetables pop even more.

The Nutrition One of the great things about Veggie Planet’s Veggie Pizza is that it’s not only delicious, but it’s also nutritious. Because it’s loaded with vegetables and made with whole wheat crust, it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It’s also lower in calories and fat than many other pizzas, making it a great choice for those who are trying to eat healthily.

The Atmosphere Last but not least, the atmosphere at Veggie Planet is warm and welcoming. The restaurant has a cozy and laid-back vibe, with nice decor and friendly staff. It’s a great place to come and enjoy a meal with friends or family, or even just to grab a quick bite to eat on your own.

In conclusion, Veggie Planet’s Veggie Pizza is a truly exceptional dish. It’s made with high-quality ingredients, loaded with flavor and nutrition, and presented beautifully. Whether you’re a vegetarian or just a pizza lover, this pizza is definitely worth trying. It’s a dish that not only satisfies your hunger but also your taste buds and your eyes. So, next time you’re in Cambridge, be sure to stop by Veggie Planet and give their Veggie Pizza a try. You won’t be disappointed!