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Need Indian Street Food Catering in Mississauga?

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Find the right vegetarian Indian Street Food Catering. 

Finding an authentic Indian Street Food Catering is often a hectic job! As you roam around and check restaurants you realize there aren’t a lot of authentic Indian Street Food Catering available in Toronto. A large number of Indians in Canada are vegetarian. They find it really hard to find the best vegetarian Indian food restaurants. Either they don’t like the menu or the restaurant is hybrid and not fully vegetarian. For such reasons people often back out from ordering vegetarian Indian food from restaurants.

We want to introduce to you a very unique restaurant. A restaurant that sells authentic Indian Street Food. They also provide catering services for all sizes of events. Ladies and gentlemen the most hyped up fusion Indian Street Food Restaurant in Mississauga, Vaughan & Ajax is none other than Veggie Planet!

Why Veggie Planet?

Veggie Planet is an Indian vegetarian restaurant for strictly vegetarian food lovers! Not only that they serve Vegan Food as well, just let them know before ordering! They have multiple branches around GTA. The first location they opened in 2017 was in Mississauga and then they opened another branch in 2020 in Vaughan and the latest branch is opened in Ajax! They are spreading pretty quick!

People love Veggie Planet and there are a couple of strong reasons that do make sense for vegetarian food lovers!

Why are they special?

Indian Street Food Catering

Firstly they sell only vegetarian food, they do not sell any meat items. So, if you are a vegetarian this is your place to go! Secondly they sell all kinds of vegetarian fast food starting from Veggie Burger, Veggie Pizza, Poutine, Noodles, Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Tawa Pulao, Kawa Nuggets and many more! Finally it’s time to talk about their most popular items which are the Naanzas!

Naanzas are of two kinds, the Schezwan Naanza and the Basil Pesto Naanza! Mouth-watering and delicious planet pizzas that are made with planet special naan!

First and foremost if you are living in Mississauga, Vaughan or Ajax and you are looking for Vegetarian Fusion Indian Street Food for your next event then do not wait just call them or visit their website to know more about their catering menu. Treat your friends and family with undoubtedly the greatest fusion Indian Street Food in Mississauga, Vaughan and Ajax! You can also visit their social media pages to see how amazing they are! Check them out – facebook – – also check them out in instagram – – they are also in tiktok! –