Veggie Planet

veggie planet

Amazing Vegetarian Fusion Indian Street Food!

A girl in Indian Street Food Restaurant

Searching for authentic vegetarian Indian Street Food?

Indians now live everywhere in Canada. They are not anymore limited to a certain area or city. Do you live in Mississauga, Vaughan or Ajax? There is one restaurant that you must check. A restaurant that will blow your mind with its authentic and fusion Indian Street Food. An Indian restaurant that is a massive hit to Indians as well as non-Indians. A restaurant that has amazing ambience with satisfying food and great customer service! Curious to know which restaurant I am talking about? It’s Veggie Planet! 

Where is Veggie Planet located?

Veggie Planet opened their first location in Mississauga in 2017. Soon they opened another location in Vaughan and recently they opened their 3rd location in Ajax! So if you are searching for restaurants near me for hours then it’s time you stop your search because the best Indian Street Food Restaurant is Veggie Planet without any doubt!

What are the popular food items?

Starting from Vegetarian Burgers, Vegetarian Pizzas to Noodles, Poutine, Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri, Kawa Nuggets and not to forget the amazing and delicious potato wedges and fries! Aah! To make your meal complete Veggie Planet offers Rabdi Gulab Jamen & Rose Pistachio Ice Cream as your dessert to satisfy your hunger to its best!

Indian restaurants have different styles and different tastes but for authentic Indian Street Food you might need to go around. Now that you know Veggie Planet you can always bring your friends and families and treat with great comfort food! They always offer different coupons and offers every month. So if you are looking to have a great party over there subscribe to their website and you will get coupons and offers that you can enjoy with your loved ones! You can also visit their social media pages to see how amazing they are! Check them out – facebook – – also check them out in instagram – – they are also in tiktok! –