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Top Comfort Food Restaurants for Veggie Lovers!

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Poutine is consumed by every Canadian, making it a dish that bridges the gap for all living in the country. Comfort food restaurants in Canada are incomplete without poutine. It is a deliciously messy combination of three ingredients: classic poutine consists of a layer of crispy French fries, followed by cheese curds, and then dipped in appetizing, warm gravy.  It is a rich, hearty dish that is full of flavor. Given its popularity in Canada, it is not surprising that every eatery has it on the menu. But are they all good? 

If you are looking for a comfort food restaurant near me, then this article is your go-to guide. It gives insight into the best vegan poutine restaurants in Toronto to satisfy your comfort food cravings. Let’s look at the best place to devour Vegan poutine:

The Veggie Planet

Located in Mississauga, near Toronto Pearson Hotel, The Veggie Planet is a famous family-run Indian Restaurant that specializes in serving healthy vegan meals. Introducing Indian street food, they started off with limited meal choices and gradually worked their way to delivering unique delicacies. As the name suggests, this top comfort food restaurants in Canada aims to serve healthy yet mouthwatering meals. 

From vegan poutine to suggest, and Falooda; The Veggie Planet offers a fusion of Indian street food. Making the list of top veg poutine restaurant near me, they love experimenting and evolving to bring finger-licking meals. To celebrate Canada Day, they launched a vegan version of the nation’s favorite meal: Poutine. Masala fries are topped with vegan-friendly cheese, Indian curry, olives, onions, and other vegan-flavor, this poutine is to die for. 

If you are craving a delicious bowl of healthy poutine with an Indian twist, then visit Veggie Planet to enjoy their specialties. With an amazing flavor and high-quality vegan ingredients, there is nothing stopping them from being the veg poutine near me location. 

Fresh on Front

With a number of locations around the city, Fresh on Front is a popular comfort food restaurant in Toronto that serves vegan meals. They serve a variety of tasty vegan items including their poutine. The vegan poutine features your choice of regular and sweet potato fries with mushroom gravy and fresh “cheese” sauce.

The Enchanted Poutinerie

Enchanted Poutinerie is a must-visit comfort food restaurant for anyone who enjoys Insta-worthy meals. Even though they are notorious for their Unicorn Poutine, their love for nature also inspired vegan poutine for healthy eaters. The fantastic vegan gravy and cheese make it the ideal dish to eat when you want a full meal. 

Don’t miss out on these best vegan poutine restaurant in Toronto! Although the list is not exhaustive, Veggie Planet tops it all.

With the excellent ambiance, affordable pricing, and delectable food choices, you will not regret visiting it.