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Vegetarian Desi Burger Meals in Mississauga, Vaughan & Ajax

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Despite the huge Indian population in Canada, it can be hard to find an authentic vegetarian desi burger joint in Mississauga, Vaughan, and Ajax. However, a trip to Veggie Planet would mean you get to experience any of the popular burgers listed below:

Noodle Burger

We can almost guarantee that you haven’t heard of a noodle burger before. This is exactly why this vegetarian desi burger needs to be on your bucket list. Yes, there are real noodles in this burger. In fact, most people after trying this new delicacy for the first time keep coming back.

An authentic noodle burger consists of mix vegetables and paneer patty loaded with Indian style whole wheat noodles topped with vegetables and planet special chutney. The patty is completely vegan. The best part? You won’t be able to differentiate it from a real meat patty.

Kachori Burger

It can be hard to find a decent vegetarian desi burger that has all the spices like a regular burger. The last thing we would want is to bite into a burger just to find out it is completely bland. Lucky for you, the Kachori burger is as flavorsome as it gets! You will taste every spice in it.

This lentil and spice patty comes In an Indian style burger with planet special chutney. This patty is also vegan to ensure that customers with preferences can also enjoy an authentic and delicious burger every now and then. This is one burger that will keep you dreaming about it.

Kawa Burger

The Kawa burger is as realistic and vegan as it gets. Not only will you think it tastes completely like a regular burger, but it certainly gives off the looks too. Oftentimes, a vegetarian desi burger looks like a vegetarian desi burger. However, this vegetarian desi burger looks pretty ordinary.

The Kawa burger consists of a planet special Kawa patty stuffed with burger, veggie, and cheese. But don’t be alarmed! Both the Kawa patty and the cheese are 100% vegan. The presence of vegan cheese is what makes this burger stand out. Add this to your bucket list!

Vada Burger

If you’re part of the select few people who want to try a vegetarian desi burger that doesn’t taste anything like a real meat burger, the Vada burger is for you. This burger is as vegan as it gets and you won’t get any hint of real meat flavors in it whatsoever which builds true authenticity.

The Vada burger consists of a coated fried potato, variety of veggies with Planet special chutney. The absence of a patty of any sort is what makes this burger the true definition of going vegan. Consumers who hate the texture of real meat usually prefer eating this burger.

Get a Vegetarian Desi Burger at Veggie Planet

Finding a vegetarian desi burger in Mississauga, Vaughan, and Ajax can be such a hassle. And finding one with authentic flavors is nearly impossible. Veggie Planet brings to the table an array of desi vegan options so you can spoil your taste buds to your heart’s desire.