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Why Canadians Should Try Indian Food in Ajax?

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Canadian is a very diverse nation with people from all cultures and backgrounds. As a Canadian, you’ve definitely crossed paths with some really great restaurants serving authentic Indian food, especially if you live in Ajax. If you’re skeptical about whether or not you should go ahead and give it a try, this is your sign to definitely do so. And here is why:

Rich Flavors

Now we’re not saying Canadian food is bland, but Indian food certainly has a different kind of richness with its flavoring. I have several Canadian friends who were really on the edge when asked if they’d try Indian food. However once they actually did, they kept coming back for more.

I can tell you from experience that you’ll bite into an Indian dish, and your taste buds will go insane with all the different flavors in that single bite. You’ll have a bit of spice, a bit of sourness, and definitely some sweetness as well. This is the one kind of dish that will have it all.

Huge Servings

If you’re ever at a restaurant that serves Indian food, one thing we can guarantee is that you’ll get a really big serving size. I know my Canadian friends were really surprised by the sheer amount of food that was put on the table. Let’s just say they went home with a full stomach.

The thing is that Ajax are filled with a community that really admires Indian food. And Indian restaurants in the region definitely feed into the narrative by serving really good food in the largest quantities. You’ll definitely have to to-go the leftovers for later.

Health Benefits

Did you know that constantly eating the same type of food all the type is not really that good for your health? Studies suggest that eating something different every now and then can actually have some really great health benefits. Who knew your taste buds just needed something new?

I know some people who would have trouble with weight gain and weight loss on their regular diet. However, once they started eating something new with a very different flavor, they were able to get back on track with their health. This is your sign to get on Indian food asap. 

New Experience

Finally, as a Canadian, you’re always looking to try out something new. You don’t shy away from experiencing new things or flavors. This is exactly why we know you definitely won’t shy away from trying out Indian food. And once you do try it, you’ll definitely be hooked. 

The only tip we can give you is to try out this new experience with someone else as well. Indian food is more delicious when you’re not the only one eating it. So bring your crew and get ready to have the time of your lives!

Should You Try Indian Food as a Canadian?

Veggie Planet is a vegetarian Indian street food restaurant found in Ajax. You can get a full three-course meal here starting from appetizers to desserts. We recommend you try out the Panzerotti in the appetizers which is a baked dough stuffed with onions, green pepper, black olives and cheese. Rabdi Gulab Jamun is a popular dessert, and it is basically Gulab Jamuns dipped in thickened flavored milk. No matter what you choose to eat here, you will not be disappointed.