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Why Indian Street Food is Popular in Mississauga?

Indian Masala Pizza

Indian street food is popular everywhere around the world. This is even in countries like Canada where Indians make up a large chunk of the population. Mississauga has some of the best Indian street food in the country like Pani Puri and Samosa Chaat. Here is why this type of food is so popular:


If you’re someone who is constantly on the go from one place to the other, Indian Street Food can be a great way to grab a quick meal on the way before heading to your destination. The best part is that street food is super affordable so you can come back for it more regularly.

If you live in Mississauga, you are definitely missing out if you haven’t tried Vadapav or Dabeli. Both of these consist of spicy potatoes and are to die for. Since it’s easily transportable, you won’t have to worry about how to store it since it simply comes packed in a mini container.


The hardest thing for most people at restaurants is choosing something to eat. Most restaurants in Mississauga have really long and complex menus that can make it really time-consuming when choosing something to eat. This is not the case with Indian street food.

Since the menu for street food is comparatively short than most restaurants, you will most likely take only a minute to choose something to eat. It is also super affordable, which means almost anyone can grab something to eat like Chana Naan, and it won’t break the bank anytime soon.


Let’s be real. The experience you get with buying and eating an Indian samosa can’t be found anywhere else. You could go to a fancy restaurant, a fast food chain, or even an Indian restaurant, and you still won’t be able to match the vibe given off by Indian street food.

As someone who used to go to a bunch of restaurants every weekend, I can honestly say that I’ve had the most fun when buying street food. There is just something special about going up to a street vendor and telling them your order. It’s a more intimate experience than a restaurant.


If you’re visiting a new country, there is no better way to get a feel for the local cuisine than by ordering street food. Most countries serve only street food of the most common nationalities that live there. Canada is a very diverse nation and even has Indian street food vendors everywhere.

The fact that you don’t need to make any reservations or plans ahead of time when deciding to try out Indian street food is what makes the entire experience worth it. The different rich flavors you get to taste in an informal setting surrounded by your favorite people is a dream!

Should You Try Indian Street Food?

Veggie Planet is a vegetarian restaurant found in Mississauga. This desi fusion restaurant allows you to experience the authentic flavor of Indian street food that will leave any Canadian craving for more! Try out the famous Masala Soda, which is sparkling water with a blend of spices, or try out the Kesar Falooda, which is our choice of drink when it comes to refreshments.